bunnel bridge hott lap

one of poppies' fav afternoon/evening summer love rambles, is the bunnel bridge loop of north kenilworth (the olde town of clinton and modern day killingworth).  this area has an interesting history, from a western's perspective, dating back to 1663 when the settlement known as "hamonoscitt" was knighted by the euro-colonial powers that be: “ye towne of Homonoscit shal for ye future be named Kenilworth, & for yr brand of horses they shal have ye letter V on ye near buttock.” 

much of the romantic zones the hott bod boiyz brand their buttocks throughout, are veritably the olde indian villages of the native and peaceful hammonasetts.  Their sachem, Sebaquaneh or “the man that weeps" (presumably because he didn't own the not yet invented bicycle), wed his daughter to Uncas, Sachem of the Mohegan who came into possession of the lands of the Hammonassets post wedding parti loosely based on the GnR "november rain" video. On the 26th of November, 1669, Uncas, with Joshuah, his son, sold to the inhabitants of Kenilworth all the lands in the township, which he had not sold before to George Fenwick, Esq. of Saybrook (not yet olde enough to be called modern day old saybrook).  much of these lands continue to be undeveloped to this day, and are criss crossed with a dreamy loco network of carriage roads and horse paths, imploring the lofty essence of hott/cool romance... 

hott bodding the bunnel bridge

trøy's new bridgestone MB-zip ratt-rod

poppie pine pow

snack thyme sun blessing